Friday, February 12, 2010

Why is the Media Demonizing Toyota?

Why is the media running story after story about Toyota’s recall issue, is it because they care about all recall’s or is it because Toyota has supplanted GM as the #1 auto-maker in the world and they would like to embarrass them. Well let’s look at the facts.
Let’s look at the recall data over the last ten years (1990-2010).
General Motors (including all brands) had 3,902 recalls on their vehicles over that time.
Ford Motor Company (including all brands) had 2,986 recalls
Chrysler Motors (including all brands) had 2,490 recalls on their vehicles.
Honda had 673, Mercedes-Benz 344, Mazda 308, Toyota 569 and Hyundai had only 240
So looking at the Data we see that Chrysler had 4 times the recalls of Toyota, Ford was 5 times higher and GM was 7 times higher
In researching this recall post I also found another list of what is called TSB’s, they are Technical Service Bulletins , and they are advisories issued by the manufacture to dealers to help diagnose and repair problems reported by consumers , these may include ,rough idles, intermittent stalls ,hard starts and all kinds of rattles, shakes and clunks.
Here are those numbers by Auto-maker GM(70,899), Ford(52,818) ,Chrysler(22,266) ,Honda(8,779), Mercedes-Benz(8,512) ,Mazda(4,289) ,Hyundai(2,539) ,Toyota(4,386), Those numbers are incredible.
Once again why is the media not making a big deal about these numbers?

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