Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Right-Winged Fun: Continued Message Control and The Propaganda Push toward War

On February 3rd, Mahmoud Amadinejad, Iran’s President stated that his government would have “no problem” accepting a proposition whereby it would agree to send its partially enriched uranium out of the country for continuation of the enrichment process elsewhere, under monitored conditions. Through this possible deal, it had hoped to encourage more confidence in its honesty, and ease concerns about the country's nuclear program if most of its stock was held for period of several months before being shipped back as fuel rods. Of course, that was last week. Iran has since changed its plans. Yesterday, Tehran informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it has decided against that proposition and that it would go ahead after all with continuing the enrichment process of their stockpile of uranium at facilities in Iran.

Let the right-wing saber rattling, chest puffing/pounding, and speculative fear-mongering propaganda commence!

Yesterday, on that bastion of virtuous, fair and balanced-minded TeeVee network 'news' reporting, FOX News, former Dubya-era recess appointee as Ambassador to the UN John Bolton [Mister Happy himself] in so many words stated his belief that Tehran is not to be trusted; that it "has no intention of being talked out of its nuclear weapons program." He added that the time for imposing severe sanctions has long passed, and that it would do no good. Nope...nuh-uh. In Mr. Happy's tortured mind, there are only two logical out-comes. "...one is Iran getting its nuclear weapons, the other is Israel, or somebody...[insert USofA here]...uses military force to stop it," he stated with confidence.

Of course, there's nothing new here. Right-wing talking points featuring e.g. Osama bin-Laden, Iran etc. have been the central 'Goldstein' characters in this Orwellian stage play for some time now. And this mantra of jingoistic lunacy spouting from behind the mustache of the master of mirth has been chanted many times before. It is an act which is well-polished from the many appearances on corporate vaudeville 'news' outlets such as FOX and CNN...

Two things should concern us all; one being the fact that neoconservative anger-puppet has-beens, who've been proven wrong on countless occasions--such as John Bolton, William Kristol, etc.--are still granted a national stage from which to do their war song-and-dance routine without so much as a challenging 'b-but' being uttered in pointing out the possible horrendous ramifications if such a thing were to be put into motion. Amazing...even after the Iraq debacle, no facts-based challenge being presented whatsoever. The other point of concern (for me, at any rate) is how easily this sort of horrid suggestion rolls off the tongues of people like John Bolton. It is, to say the least; quite frightening! My only hope is for the number of American people, who actually swallow this death and destruction-laced kool-aid accepting it as sound and reasoned diplomacy, to remain in the lower 20-25 percentile range.

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