Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rehm Emanuel,Obama's Albatross

Rahm Emanuel , President Obama’s Chief of Staff is an albatross around his neck. Now I am a Liberal/Progressive and I was not offended by him calling members of the Progressive Caucus,
“F##king Retards” That’s what I expect from Rehm he hates to be challenged from the left, and to have it pointed out to him that he is greatly disliked by the base of the party. Rehm’s first instinct is never to stand and fight it is to run to the “Right” of any issue, the farther right the better in his mind. Now this is ok if he was still running his own office in the house, but he is Obama’s Chief of staff now, and Obama ran for President on a Liberal/Progressive platform. Now I for one never believed he was Liberal or Progressive, but that was the platform that he ran on.
The People that voted for Obama voted to change Washington, to make it about the people again, well Rahm has never really cared about people he cares about getting corporate donations and lots of them.
Rehm has never really cared about make good legislation he just wants to past bills and says we got something done. Well that might work for the “Ditto-heads” on the right, they are low information voters, they get there “news” for sound bites on Fox and from Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and hannity. They don’t really know what’s going on with what bill, they just follow what they are told to think.Thats why so many of them thought that Bush cut “their” Taxes, when he only cut taxes to the top 1%, or why they think that the “Death Tax” was going to affect them when they died, but it didn’t kick in until you hit $3 million dollars. Rehm’s problem is he is dealing with the left and they are very informed on what their representatives’ are doing in their names. The Progressive base cares about policy and results and they know when they are getting reamed.
Now Rehm has done such a bad job of making sure that the base is happy that they lost in NJ,VI, and now Massachusetts. Why did they lose these races, it’s because the base is not happy, the base is mad that they are getting hosed by this Congress, and who is the head of this mess, Rehm. As lond as Rehm is in the White House he will be a kick in the teeth to progressives’ and they will have a hard time getting up to help elect Democrats if they are just going to be Rehm(democrats).

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