Monday, April 12, 2010

On The Left Podcast Episode 8

This week the On The Left Team brings you another great episode. Mike brings you headlines and Matthew Talks about unemployment.

This week I will be talking about a subject close to my heart, Unemployment.
A little back ground on my situation. In 2009 my job of 10 years was eliminated. I was given 1 hour to clean out my desk and that was it. This was Feb. of 2009, I then went on Unemployment, I started the long road of going on line everyday going through the many jobs sites sending out resumes and waiting for the phone to ring. In May I found a part time job at a sports store, it sucked but it was some money coming in since I was only working 20 to 28 hours per week I still was on unemployment, you must work over 32 hours before you are not eligible for weekly benefits. In august I once again found full time work. It was for a temp agency but it was 40 hours per week and the pay was just little more then what I was making on unemployment. After just two and a half months of 40 to 60 hour weeks I was once again laid off, this was the end of Oct 2009, I once again went onto unemployment, luckily I was called back to work in early Dec. of 2009 and worked every day 10 to 12 hours until the end of the year, I was then picked up and stayed at that job until once again being laid off on March 31 of 2010.
So when I say I know what is going on for workers right now, you have some context.

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