Monday, March 15, 2010

On The Left Episode 4

This week we have Headlines from Mike and Matthew talks about the attack on Dennis Kucinich by DailyKos founder Marko Moulitsas.

Welcome and thank you mike for headlines this week, I will be talking this week about one to the stories mike talked about in headlines, Marko Moulitsas’s attack on Dennis Kucinich. Let’s start out by pointing to a few facts,marko’s does not represent the whole liberal blogosphere, he represents DailyKos, and that is it, while I like reading his blog and the others that are posted there, he has an annoying habit of being a cheerleader instead of an independent voice, he has hitched his ride to the Dems and most of all President Obama. Over the last 4 to 5 years he has become part of the Washington media and seems to think he knows what everyone left of center is thinking. He does not.
Ok we need to start with the fact that Marko has what I would call a Personal hatred for Dennis Kucinich, he has written many a post called “Why “I” Hate Dennis Kucinich” when you make a statement like that you are showing your personal bias on a subject and everything you say about that subject should be viewed through that biased lens.
In everything he writes or talks about Kucinich he brings up this nearly every cycle Presidential runs, saying” Kucinich has never proven broad electoral viability” well that might be true I the eyes of marko’s but he has at least run for something, Marko has never attempted anything like that, im sure it’s because he knows “he does not have broad electoral viability even to win a house seat. Marko always points out that Kucinich was very anti-choice but now he is Pro-Choice, ok so he changed his mind, isn’t that something you want from a Politian, if his constituents are Pro-choice but he is not, shouldn’t he vote the way the people that elected him want, what is wrong with that. That’s what we say we want out of our representatives.
Now, Obama gave into Blanch Lincoln and Evan Bye and that idiot from Montana Max Baucus and they started with a compromised bill that was in the center and then moved farther to the right, so I have to ask people like marko who calls himself a Progressive, what did he get out of this bill, yes it will cover 15 to 20 million more people, but cover is not the right word, it will force these people to by insurance from private companies and then they will get a subsidy to “help” pay for it. that is quite different from covering people, next in this bill you will be pentilize for not buy insurance, is marko for that, he says he is not,ok, this bill does nothing to hold down cost, even the cbo has said it will raise the cost of premiums but that cost will be offset by subsidies’. Yes it will end resisanons and will end pre-existing conditions, but everyone says they are for those two things. So why did we not start with single payer and then make the compromise the public option, it’s because Obama and people like Marko have no real spine.

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